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Mental Shrillness - 10 twist ending short stories dealing with the mind Flash O' Lantern - 13+ Flash Fiction stories, 13 October facts Mental Shrillness available in paperback and eBook

Welcome to the official website of horror, thriller and suspense author Todd Russell. He has also written under various pen names including the name of this website, taken from AOL in the mid 1990s where he posted numerous twist ending short stories, six of which can be found in the horror short story collection Mental Shrillness.

Which FRESH FLESH cover art do you prefer? The debut novel by Todd Russell has washed ashore! Now on sale.

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July 27, 2013: 66 days of Fresh Flesh begins! Learn more.
March 2, 2013: A WIP (Works In Progress) bar detailing progress on some new stories Todd is working on has been added to the sidebar of the blog and some other pages around the website.
February 20, 2013: Todd blogs about several novella-length ideas he plans to start writing soon.
January 11, 2012: LibraryThing Giveaway started for Flash O' Lantern - 13+ Flash Fiction stories, 13 October facts
January 2, 2012: Working cover art and title of the second novel by Todd Russell shared online here.
January 1-31, 2012: Theme - VAMPIRES! ... read more news

Mental Shrillness by Todd Russell - 6 twist ending horror short stories
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The Mental Shrillness ward will shock you with six twist ending horror tales:

"Memorial Day Descent" - experience a showdown between an old mansion and a soldier's painful, recurring war memories. A first place story contest winner.

"Pains in the Glass" - Tim and Wanda love each other but neither sees the cracks in their flawed marriage looking glass. Today is the day one learns of betrayal so powerful that it will shatter, cut and bleed the other to pieces.

"Dead Warmed Over" - learn if it's possible that a tortured man can love his wife too much. Ben's intense love for wife Jackie is realized in a haunted bathtub. Another first place story contest winner. (read excerpt)

"Falling the Bobbitt Way" - Tracy and John's sweet marriage vow warps into sinister sadomasochism. Find out if they can break the vow and ever be the same.

"Dueling Eyes" - GAZE upon an unmoving glass eye compelling its host to entertain self-mutilation tendencies. WATCH as Madison tries to save Killroy in the dark, dirty alley from the glint of a malevolent mugger's blade. STARE helpless as the cold steel and the glass eye attempt to complete a shocking mission.

"The Illusion" - There are things Damon Brooks wishes he could change about his life. He thinks he has it bad until a dying, misshapen creature shows him that the other side wants much more to change their deaths. Prepare for a nightmarish struggle at a carnival between good and evil. (read excerpt)

At the end of Mental Shrillness author notes are provided for readers interested in each story's history and what motivated author Todd Russell to pen these strange, dark tales.

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last updated 8/15/2011 now proudly a member of the Horror Blogger Alliance NEWS - December/November/October [Q4 2011]
December 15-25, 2011: The Holiday Hop is on! Contest details here.
December 18, 2011: Read "Brush" from Flash O'Lantern: 13+ Stories for #SampleSunday #38.
December 11, 2011: Read Fresh Flesh excerpt #7: Amazing Clearing for #SampleSunday #37.
December 4, 2011: Read "Thanksliving" for SampleSunday #36.
December 3, 2011: Author Jon Reisfeld interviews Todd about Fresh Flesh and writing.
November 27, 2011: Read "In the Nick of Time" a Christmas story with a hook for #SampleSunday #35. This is also #98 The Story Streak. Learn more about the streak on the fans page.
November 24, 2011: Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! As a thank you for giving Todd's books a read, all ebooks on sale at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Smashwords Thanksgiving and tomorrow Black Friday 2011 only. Huge discounts--as much as 75% off!--not to be missed and the lowest prices offered on some digital titles for the first time ever, including one book that's being offered completely FREE! This is a great opportunity to pick up all books by Todd Russell at a very special price! Happy holiday reading to you!
November 20, 2011: #SampleSunday 34: Read Flash O'Lantern: 13+ Stories at Amazon.
November 13, 2011: #SampleSunday 33: Read Flash O'Lantern: 13+ Halloween Stories at Barnes & Noble [complete ebook].
November 11-12, 2011 11:00am - 3:00pm Book signing at Orting Eagles #3480 112 Bridge St S. Orting, Washington 98360 [details]
November 3, 2011: Read Fresh Flesh NOOK sample at Barnes & Noble for #SampleSunday #32.
November 2, 2011: On the 23rd Anniversary of starting the first draft of Fresh Flesh (Fresh #1), Todd has begun writing the first draft of Fresh #2 for NaNoWriMo 2011.
October 30, 2011: Read the first 3+ chapters of Fresh Flesh. LOOK INSIDE Amazon for #SampleSunday #31. Enter the Spooktacular Giveaway at Kelsey's Book Corner for a chance to win a bunch of great prizes, including a Fresh Flesh eBook! The first review for Fresh Flesh is in at Goodreads from Zakillia: "This is a very impressive book to read. Once you begin you can't put it down."
October 23, 2011: Flash O'Lantern: 13+ Halloween Stories is the first eBook-only title by Todd Russell. TRICK at Amazon ($0.99) or TREAT yourself to FREE download of the whole book at Smashwords. This is also #SampleSunday #30 [full ebook].
October 17, 2011: New eStore added: DriveThru Horror now has Mental Shrillness on sale.
October 16, 2011: Read "Note for Note" [passkey: 1414] for #SampleSunday #29
October 9, 2011: Read "Graveyard Crazies" [passkey: 1414] for #SampleSunday #28
October 2, 2011: Read "Rachel's Number" [passkey: 1414] for #SampleSunday #27
Q3 2011
September 29, 2011: Fresh Flesh has washed ashore! On sale at Amazon for Kindle now. Other stores coming shortly.
September 25, 2011: Read Fresh Flesh excerpt #6: Torque for #SampleSunday #26.
September 18, 2011: Read Fresh Flesh excerpt #5: Alone for #SampleSunday #25
September 11, 2011: Read "Mistaken Identity" [passkey: 1414] for #SampleSunday #24.
September 4, 2011: Read "Another Day" [passkey: 1414] for #SampleSunday #23.
August 30, 2011: Looking for even more behind-the-scenes news? The Todd Russell Fan VIP Area is updated every day Todd writes something new.
August 28, 2011: #SampleSunday #22 Read "Fossilization" [new flash fiction]. Author Alan Nayes interviews Todd about writing, Flesh Flesh and more. Readers have a chance to win a free ebook in a comment contest there!
August 21, 2011: Read Fresh Flesh excerpt #4: The Rescuer for #SampleSunday #21.
August 15, 2011: Mental Shrillness now on sale at Kobo.
August 14, 2011: #SampleSunday #20 - Read extended excerpt from "The Illusion" from Mental Shrillness.
August 13, 2011: Play a custom Fresh Flesh PAC-MAN maze. Several readers are intrigued by the Fresh Flesh cover art at Alaskan Book Cafe's Waiting on Wednesday.
August 7, 2011: Read Fresh Flesh excerpt #3: A beautiful woman washes ashore for #SampleSunday #19
August 4, 2011: Giveaway posted for rare, signed proof copy of Fresh Flesh went live and 100+ readers have already entered.
August 3, 2011: Which Fresh Flesh cover do you like better? Cover art comparison at Twitpic (#CoverArtDecision) and Flickr.
July 31, 2011: Read "Tweet Hell" a Twitter fiction tale for SampleSunday #18
July 24, 2011: Read Fresh Flesh excerpt #2 for #SampleSunday #17. Last week Richard Templin was introduced, this week a beautiful woman awakes to a stranger.
July 17, 2011: Read Fresh Flesh excerpt for #SampleSunday #16. Fresh Flesh is coming September 29, 2011!
July 10, 2011: An excerpt from "Pains in the Glass" from Mental Shrillness for #SampleSunday #15.
July 7, 2011: #FridayFlash #2 contribution: "Polaroid Pain" complete with new cover art.
July 3, 2011: Look Inside Mental Shrillness paperback or ebook for #SampleSunday #14. You can choose to look inside at the front cover, table of contents, first pages, back cover or use the Amazon "Surprise Me!" feature. You can even search inside the book by keyword(s).
July 1, 2011: Albert Robbins III at Free Book Reviews interviews Todd and goes behind the scenes of Mental Shrillness. Learn which story AOL removed from their writing boards in 1996, what Todd's favorite non-writing hobby is and more.

Q2 2011
June 30, 2011: is now a proud member of the Horror Blogger Alliance
June 28, 2011: "If you enjoy offbeat horror stories you will like Mental Shrillness." - Review by SenoraG at Blogcritics and aggregated through!
June 26, 2011: Mental Shrillness is featured on Spalding's Racket today. For SampleSunday #13, a complete ebook of stories! Todd has two 100 word flash fiction stories published in the anthology: A FLASH Of Inspiration: A Collection of Very Short Stories by Indie Authors at Smashwords: "Croupier Creature" (not available anywhere else) and "Feeding Time"
June 21, 2011: Title announced for debut horror novel by Todd Russell: Fresh Flesh
June 20, 2011: Congratulations to M.M the Goodreads winner from Bountiful, Utah for winning the SIGNED proof paperback of Mental Shrillness. It went out in the mail today.
June 19, 2011: Updated blurb (see FB comment) for upcoming debut full length horror novel by Todd Russell for #SampleSunday #12 plus a sneak peak at the back and spine cover art.
June 12, 2011: The paperback version of Mental Shrillness is now available at Amazon. For #SampleSunday #11, you can check out an excerpt from the paperback page.
May 20 - June 20, 2011: Limited time contest to celebrate the upcoming launch of the paperback version of Mental Shrillness [more details]
June 11, 2011: Contact Todd page added (see bottom of each page). Todd loves hearing from readers, other writers, media, anybody except spammers. Guest article/blog/post page updated with four guest posts added. Interested in having Todd write a guest blog/article at your website? Get in touch using the contact form.
June 5, 2011: Read Todd's new Twitter horror fiction "Death 'Til Us Part" for #SampleSunday #10. Also, the Carnage Counter has been updated.
June 3, 2011: Get notified at Amazon when the paperback version of Mental Shrillness is available. [read more]
May 30, 2011: Mental Shrillness now on sale in Europe eBook store
May 29, 2011: In Defense of the Short Story, a guest blog post by Todd Russell. #SampleSunday #9: Read "Feeding Time" (flash fiction) to learn when a familiar outdoor sound becomes horrifying.
May 27, 2011: Grab a sneek peek at a small portion of the hand drawn cover art for Todd's debut full length horror novel.
May 24, 2011: Mental Shrillness now available in the Sony eBookstore
May 22, 2011: For #SampleSunday #8 you can download (PDF) and read the complete flash fiction "Dead Warmed Over" from Mental Shrillness at #SampleSunday is a hashtag on Twitter collecting excerpts (or complete works) from authors. In case you missed any of the #SampleSunday a recap of #1-8 is provided where you can either read an excerpt or complete story from Todd every Sunday since April 3, 2011.

May 21, 2011: The contest period for the Mental Shrillness blog tour has ended. Prizes for contests #1 and #2 will be awarded tomorrow. The blog tour host contest prize will be awarded on June 1, 2011.

May 2-20, 2011: It's on, the first ever Mental Shrillness blog tour. Please stop by and leave a comment or three.

Blog tour stop: Monster Brains Monster Brains
May 14, 2011: Monster Brains. A major announcement is made to conclude the tour. Learn for the first time anywhere on the web the setting for the debut full length novel by Todd Russell by viewing a rough conceptual sketch from the award winning horror macabre cover artist Aeron Alfrey. Later today the release date for the paperback version of Mental Shrillness will be officially announced.

May 1, 2011
Read the complete version of flash fiction "$$$$Knowledge & Power$$$$" at Book Junkies for #SampleSunday #5. Congratulations to Sue Palmer who won the Guess the Ending contest. There will be another Guess The Ending contest on May 5 at Marcie's To Read or Not To Read blog during the Mental Shrillness Blog Tour stop.

April 30, 2011
ANNOUNCEMENT: Mental Shrillness is coming to paperback very soon and with a special twist! Details along with the official paperback release date will be announced right here May 14, 2011.

April 27, 2011
Mental Shrillness now available at OmniLit

April 26, 2011
Todd's first ever blog tour starts this Sunday May 1, 2011. There will be all kinds of things going on including: book reviews, a guess the ending contest, a major cover art announcement, multiple interactive interviews and more! See full Blog Tour schedule

April 24, 2011 A special Easter "Guess the Ending" contest in the Facebook Book Junkies group for Todd's flash fiction $$$$Knowledge & Power$$$$ also serving as #SampleSunday #4. In order to participate you must join (and be accepted) as a member of the Book Junkies group. It is free to join. This story was created during the same time period (1997-1998) as the six stories in Mental Shrillness. Happy Easter!

April 22, 2011
Mental Shrillness now available in two new stores: Apple Mental Shrillness - Todd Russell and diesel eBook Store

April 21, 2011
Todd discusses Mental Shrillness, his journey as a writer and Kindle publishing in a new interview with David Wisehart.
New Market: Amazon for Kindle Germany now offering Mental Shrillness [Germany] for sale: Besuchen Sie die Seite von Todd Russell auf Amazon!

Win a free copy of Mental Shrillness at Library Thing -- click hereApril 17, 2011
Todd's first ever piece of Twitter fiction: "Fool's Gold" tweeted on #SampleSunday #3. Also, win one of six copies of Mental Shrillness in the Library Thing giveaway. Hurry, contest ends 4/24/11 @ 4PM. Contest open worldwide and free to enter.

April 12, 2011
Two new interviews! Learn more about Todd in Miss Fletcher's revealing interview at Fiction Fierce published today. Jennifer Rainey delves into Todd's inspiration behind creating Mental Shrillness at Independent Paranormal

April 10th & April 8, 2011
N.L Earnshaw has posted the very first Mental Shrillness interview with Todd Russell. You can read at her blog: Indie eBooks Also, this includes #SampleSunday #2 where you can read a sizzling excerpt of "Dead Warmed Over" which asks the question: can love go too far?

April 5, 2011
Thank you for your interest in my book - here's a gift for you
You get 1,000 points, with my compliments, to use on - the world's biggest book winning site. My book - 'Mental Shrillness', appears in the games on this site. Just click anywhere in this box, and follow the instructions.
April 3, 2011
8:50am PST - Mental Shrillness now available at Barnes & Noble for NOOK.

8:15am PST - Read the story "Polaroid Pain" by Todd Russell posted as an entry in the IndieHorror Weekend "April Fools" Flash Fiction Contest (#SampleSunday #1)

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